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The Numbers

Increase to D.C. Living Wage

On January 1, 2016, the District of Columbia’s living wage increased to $13.85 in accordance with the District of Columbia Living Wage Act of 2006 (“Act”). The Act requires a recipient who receives $100,000 or more in contract or government assistance to pay their affiliated employees no less than the living wage. In addition, subcontractors that receive $15,000 or more from a contract, or receive $50,000 or more from government assistance, “must pay their affiliated employees no less than the living wage; provided, that the funds received by the recipient,” must originate from the District of Columbia government.

An affiliated employee is defined as “any individual employed by a recipient who received compensation directly from government assistance or a contract with the District of Columbia government, including any employee of a contractor or subcontractor of a recipient who performs services pursuant to government assistance or contract.”

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